My BOYFRIEND Is Still “looking…” SO HELP ME KNOW

Some men still keep their online dating profile active after finding love and a serious relationship. The explanations with this are pretty lame but these guys constantly result in the argument that there’s some valid reason to keep their profile active. Whether or maybe not it’s not a way that is passive-aggressive of me personally we now have split up, what exactly is it?

You will be consciously and deliberately marketing into the entire (FEMININE) populace you are available. Offered to talk with women that think you’re unattached, which you look something similar to your ‘thinner variation’ picture, and that you will be free (AVAILABLE) to take part in love, perhaps together with her, at the very least on the web.

Ladies, when you’re in this case, that your particular boyfriend isn’t only nevertheless on the web but he’s been active “within one hour,” i believe you may have to adddress which you are having issues. It would likely maybe not imply that he’s really cheating on you, fulfilling other ladies and achieving intercourse together with them, but i actually do think it means he’s not taking your relationship or emotions as seriously as he probably need to.

The main explanation to keep an internet dating profile active is straightforward: TO FULFILL NEW LADIES. We can’t think about another, difficult when I try. Could you? REALLY? Possibly he simply likes having their ego stroked whenever females flirt with him? This can be nevertheless significantly problematic because he is not precisely able to be getting stroked by other ladies, now could be he?


Most of the good reasons i could consider for a guy to help keep a profile active while he’s in a relationship. Read more