This is basically the sort of guide we imagine Raul writing. Photo thanks to Sarah Houghton-Jan

After a guy has seen your photos, at that true point he can read your profile. You might be attempting to attract smart and interesting guys that have their shit together so that you want to be particular … but not too particular. You can find exceptions to every guideline, therefore then you might deter the potential man of your dreams from e-mailing you if you set hard-line rules.

Here you will find the guidelines you’ll want to adhere to:

  1. Never say you have racial choice if you have one, and understand that if you prefer white men to black men that doesn’t make you a racist person, however, it makes you sound like a racist person and unless you want your date to pick you up with his confederate flag flying off his jacked up pickup, just don’t say it– I find it perfectly acceptable. Read more