The defaults goes 6 years following the standard date in the credit score.

In 2015 We exposed a 5k account by having a credit union after a long time as being a regular saver. Unfortuitously we started initially to default in March 2016 where we then had no contact. 12 months ago Credit Union made contact beside me and I also started initially to spend a ВЈ50 repayment each month that We have payed since. Credit Union have actually changed the status associated with the account from standard to belated repayments 3 months ago. I’ve raised a dispute with Experian of that we have always been a part to have this amended to default once more to be able to have the standard automatically removed in March 2022. As a result, i will be half means through my Uni course and (all going to plan) will graduate July 2022 where I am going to finish a year that is pre-reg. It will be during this present year (for example Aug 2022-23) that I would personally be trying to make an application for a mortgagde (deposit dependant of course). Am I appropriate in convinced that 1) i will continue steadily to spend the brand new agreement of ВЈ50pcm to maintain a relationship and avoid CCJ? even with the 6 12 months mark 2) Can Credit Union item to changing the account back into standard? Or do just about anything else to my file if we continue steadily to spend this amount? 3) The stability stands at 3.5k so i am aware that the ВЈ50 will require quite a few years to pay for. Would settling this make a difference at all ?? 4) when it comes to mortgage applications can the procedure be started during the earliest in 2022 april? I really hope which makes feeling! Many Thanks a great deal

Yes you need to keep on having to pay, even with the 6 12 months point, assuming ВЈ50 is online payday loans North Carolina affordable. Otherwise you chance a CCJ

The CU must not have eliminated the standard from everything you state. Read more