Surviving The “Photo” Scan

This is the part where i might get a little…. Mean. Dudes will be the most superficial animals you will ever fulfill. You are wanted by me to obtain that during your mind. We don’t care how nice some guy is, someplace, deeply down, he could be thinking thoughts that are shallow. This is especially valid with regards to your Facebook pictures. Oh, and don’t believe i will be resistant into the “shallow condition, ” I’m able to be just because suggest as the others of these. Allow me to provide you with a glimpse to the brain of this average male looking through Facebook.

Rick (our designated male character) is searching through Facebook. Straight away he sees somebody he deems as “hot” and clicks on the profile. Now, the majority of women I speak with genuinely believe that Rick will read their wall, see if they’re solitary or observe how numerous guys are commenting on the status updates.

Ah, however they forget a thing that is also more crucial. Guys are really artistic oriented therefore while all of that other stuff issues to us the place that is first get is always to myladyboydate browse your other photos. The profile image alone was adequate to re capture Ricks attention but there is however an issue. Read more