ASA Ruling on Elevate Credit Overseas Ltd Sunny

Advertising description

A television advertising for Sunny Loans, noticed in July 2019, showcased a couple of in a caravan which was being rocked forward and backward as being a bear scratched it self against it. A man reported, “good and the bad. Downs and downs. Well, which is simply life being life, therefore it is sweet to possess you to definitely seek out, when that bear arrives. Read more

Pay Day Loans Under Attack: The CFPB’s New Rule Could affect high-Cost, dramatically Short-Term Lending

On June 2, 2016, the customer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB” or “Bureau”) proposed a rule that is new its authority to supervise and control particular payday, automobile title, along with other high-cost installment loans (the “Proposed Rule” or even the “Rule”). These customer loan products will be in the CFPB’s crosshairs for a while, and also the Bureau formally announced it considers payday debt traps back in March 2015 that it was considering a rule proposal to end what. Read more