If you want to keep your drivers up to date, Ashampoo Driver Update is a fine tool for getting the job done. In testing, it found missing and out-of-date drivers, and it features a scheduler, backup and restore capabilities, and Windows 10 integration.

In addition, the red icon shows a driver that’s had an update available for more than 365 days. Updating drivers is vital to keeping your PC in tip-top condition. Sure, tune-up utilities are an important part of the equation, but sometimes you need to make sure that your PC’s drivers are current to ensure that hardware and programs run correctly.

Still, Editors’ Choice winner IObit Driver Booster is a slightly superior driver updater, offering the best overall bang for the buck. Like SlimWare Utilities DriverUpdate, Ashampoo Driver Update uses color-coded icons to indicate the status of each driver. I quickly understood that green icons represented up-to-date drivers, but I had no idea what the yellow icons represented.

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The application highlights out-of-date drivers, downloads their most recent versions, and features tight integration with Windows 10. Despite Driver Updater’s many benefits, it falls just a hair short of the award-winning status of Editors’ Choice IObit Driver Booster Pro, as I’ll explain. Ashampoo Driver Updater keeps your PC running smoothly by automatically downloading the latest hardware drivers. In many instances, having a strong grip will cause your ball to go low.

To fix this issue, grip the club properly with the "V" on your right hand, created by your index finger and thumb, pointing to the inside of your right shoulder. Look down at your left hand; you should see only two knuckles.

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In the meantime I would make sure that you are getting a good weight transfer onto your front foot through impact and finishing with 100% of your weight on your front foot on your finish. One will help you make sure you are not releasing the club too early and the other will help your swing plane to make sure you aren’t too inside out. Note that without seeing your swing it’s difficult for me to say what is causing you personally to hit behind the ball. The best way to find out is to hit about 50 balls with each club. Eliminate the longest five and the shortest five, and then figure out the middle of the remaining group.

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A swing that is too long can allow for the club face to open up. If the face, or front, of the club is tilted in toward you, tilt it out until it is lined up straight with the ball.

When hit well draw bias drivers can make anywhere from 5 – 15 yards improvement in your slice compared to a normal driver. A common misconception of golfers is that a Driver with a flexible shaft causes an open club face and a slice. If we return to our earlier section ‘why do I slice my Driver, but not my irons’ we can think of more loft as our friend. More loft equals more backspin, this backspin creates a more stable flight and minimises any negative effects of side-spin.