Never ever mind those accounts you illegally hid for who-knows-who wanting to hide or launder money gleaned in who-knows-what activities that are possibly illegal.

Every person but Iceland: October had been the month that is same former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told United States Of America Today that monetary professionals must have attended prison. “Everything that went incorrect or ended up being unlawful ended up being carried out by some specific, maybe not by an abstract company,” Bernanke told everyone’s favorite hotel doorstop. “So due to that, i believe there must have been more accountability during the specific degree.”

Simply for contrast’s sake, observe that this past year Iceland jailed its 26th banker relating to the 2007-2010 international crisis that is financial based on Antimedia, for an overall total of 74 many years of difficult time. In addition to that, Iceland’s minister of finance really wants to spend every resident once the nation sells off Íslandsbanki bank, that has been seized because of the government. A 5 per cent cut regarding the purchase will give each Icelander the equal to $232.

The RushCard: thousands and thousands of individuals who held prepaid RushCard operate by music mogul Russell Simmons had been locked away from getting their cash in October, with a few being not able to access money from paychecks as well as other cash for days. That’s sufficient to get yourself a Piggy nomination from Greg McBride, main economic analyst at “Cardholders for the RushCard being locked away from usage of their funds is specially upsetting. Read more