Just How Our Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy Services Assistance With Frozen Bank Accounts

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    2. Stop wage garnishments

    Unpaid financial obligation can cause wage garnishment or frozen bank reports. We can help if you are in these situations.

    If you owe cash towards the Canada income Agency (taxation debt), the agency can garnish your wages until this cash is paid back. Until the debt has been repaid if you owe money where you bank (such as bank debt or credit card debt, depending on the lender), the bank can put a freeze on your account so that you can’t touch the money in it.

    Other creditors may take action that is legal permits them to teach your bank to limit withdrawals from your own account. Creditors might even manage to do something to seize funds in a free account.

    These tasks clearly cost cash and steer clear of you against accessing money which you obtained. The very good news is the fact that there are methods to regain use of funds in a frozen banking account or place an end to wage garnishment. Read more