In the meantime, the AfD has deleted the post without comment

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be done. The pension equalization serves to ensure the equality of the spouse who invested more time in raising children or in supporting the partner’s professional activity during the marriage. However, it is also possible to dispense with carrying out the compensation if various factors are present.

Reasons for exceptions to the pension adjustment

A possible exception to the waiver of the pension adjustment is a short marriage. Accordingly, there is no automatic entitlement to the adjustment for marriages that last less than three years. However, it is possible that a separate application is submitted with which a judicial review is carried out to determine whether there is a right to pension adjustment. Since 2009 there has been a new legal guideline in which it was stipulated that spouses can exclude the right to pension adjustment even before the marriage. marriage contract makes sense? These points should be regulated

If two spouses have agreed this with each other, for example in a notarized marriage contract, the statutory pension equalization does not apply even after a long marriage. However, if an application is submitted to the court anyway, the decision always depends on the respective court. In the event of a divorce, the latter can judge in favor of the applicant in the event of considerable disadvantage despite the marriage contract and the waiver of pension adjustment.

Life Insurance and Divorce: Tips Divorce Consequences Agreement secures details

Further exceptions to the pension adjustment after a divorce

Another exception is gross inequity, in the event of which, in the event of a divorce, no compensation has to be paid to the ex-partner. This is the case when the compensation amount is so high that it cannot be raised by the ex-partner. Marriage fraud, a proven marriage of convenience or the attempt to withhold income when submitting the application can also mean that the compensation does not have to be paid. If the compensation amount is very low, the implementation of the pension compensation can also be dispensed with.

The young Kalinka died in 1982 under unclear circumstances on Lake Constance. In France, the stepfather was convicted, in Germany, however, Dieter K. was considered unsuspicious. Now the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

In the legal drama about the death of 14-year-old French woman Kalinka, her German stepfather Dieter K. remains in French custody. The doctor failed on Thursday with a lawsuit before the European Court of Human Rights. The Strasbourg court rejected his complaint as inadmissible.

The 82-year-old is serving a 15-year prison sentence for bodily harm resulting in death. His stepdaughter was found dead in 1982 in his house in Lindau on Lake Constance.argumentative essay community service Paris judges saw it as proven in 2011 that he wanted to rape her and administered her sedative and lethal injection.

Abduction after more than a quarter of a century

The physician could only be brought to justice in France because his biological father, Kalinkas, had him kidnapped to Mulhouse in Alsace more than 25 years after her death. The German judiciary had previously stopped the investigation against Dieter K. He had been at large for years.

He saw the trial in France violating his human right not to be tried twice on the same matter. The Strasbourg judges did not follow this line of argument. Germany and France investigated K. independently of each other. This is not prohibited by the corresponding article in an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Sources used: dpa

After seven years and 400 episodes as the face of the Vox docu-soap "rent buy live" TV broker Alexander Posth disappears from TV. "You have to leave when it no longer fits. Unfortunately, the time has now come. I would like to thank Vox and production for the good cooperation"said the 39-year-old loudly "".

Posth’s exit is already the second prominent exit in the format. Mallorca broker Marcel Remus had already left the show two years ago.

"Have current offers"

Now Posth wants to devote himself to his business again: "For the time being, I want to concentrate on my core business again and open offices in German-speaking countries with the ‘Alexander Posth Immobilien’ brand. One of the first is to be built in Mallorca"he said.

TV broker has got married: Alexander Posth is back under the hood of the TV broker: Marcel Remus etches ex-colleague Alexander Posth: ” He doesn’t last a year at Malle! ” Known "Rent buy live": TV broker Alexander Posth has a baby with his ex’s girlfriend

Does that mean that Posth will never be seen on TV again? "No, I have current offers for a different, separate format. But there is still nothing to be announced", so Posth.

The number of adoptions continues to decline. In 2013, 3793 children were adopted in Germany, 2.4 percent fewer than in the previous year. There had also been a decline in adoptions in the previous year.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, most adoptions take place in blended families: More than half (59 percent) of the children affected were adopted by step parents, i.e. by new partners of their biological fathers or mothers.

Seven parents are applying for a child

There are still significantly more potential adoptive parents than children, although their number is also falling. According to the Federal Office, 817 children and young people were earmarked for adoption at the end of the year, and at the same time there were 5362 applications in the placement offices. In purely mathematical terms, seven parents applied for a child.

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The stepfather of the killed Leonie has to go to prison for life for murder by omission. The district court of Neubrandenburg found the 28-year-old guilty on several counts.

Less than a year after the death of six-year-old Leonie, her stepfather was sentenced to life imprisonment. The district court in Neubrandenburg pronounced the 28-year-old guilty on Thursday of murder by omission, bodily harm resulting in death and mistreatment of those under protection. Leonie was found dead on January 12, 2019 in the family’s apartment in Torgelow in Western Pomerania.

With the verdict, the jury chamber followed the public prosecutor’s request. She had demanded a life sentence and based her claim primarily on information from Leonie’s mother. This had in court from one "Spiral of violence" spoken by the significant other. She wanted to get help earlier, but was prevented from doing so.

Defendant: Leonie is said to have fallen down stairs

The stepfather had only read a written statement in court, in which he cited a fall of the stairs as the cause of the fatal injuries. The court did not follow this. A forensic doctor had found that the severe head injury with the cerebral hemorrhage could not be explained by a fall down stairs. Leonie must have been mistreated for a long time.

Torgelow: Defendant denies allegations in the murder trial of Leonie. Investigations against employees: City of Rostock closes two daycare centers

The defense had insisted until the very end that the girl had actually fallen down the stairs and that this had caused her death. Who inflicted the injuries on the girl cannot be proven. The lawyers considered the statements of the mother to be unbelievable. Defender Bernd Raitor had not made a specific criminal complaint.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A tragedy occurred in the US state of New Mexico on Sunday morning. A 14-year-old girl died when she took her smartphone in the bathtub. 

News of the day

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The family of the girl, who apparently had a smartphone connected to the mains in the bathtub, warns of the risk of electric shock in the water. "This is such a tragedy that shouldn’t happen to anyone else"the victim’s grandmother told a local news station. The 14-year-old was found dead with burn injuries on her hand in the tub on Sunday morning in her father’s house, the police said. In the bathroom the police found a cell phone, a charger and an extension cable.

Exact cause of death after autopsy

As the victim’s stepmother said, the 14-year-old had sat in the tub and played cell phone games more often in the past. The exact cause of death is now to be determined in an autopsy.

Danger to life in the event of electric shock: do not charge smartphones in the bathtub. No breaking, kinking and knotting: this is how charging cables for iPhones last longer

The victim’s family shared a call on social networks after the accident, aimed at raising awareness of the dangers posed by non-waterproof electronic devices. Friends of the family launched an online call for donations to provide financial support to the family during the difficult time. Almost $ 10,000 in donations had already been received on Wednesday.

Actually a happy event: Benigna Munsi has been chosen as the new Nuremberg Christ Child. But the choice does not seem to suit an AfD district association. A comment on Facebook backfires.

Nuremberg has a new Christ child: 17-year-old Benigna Munsi prevailed against five other applicants in the final, as the jury announced on Wednesday evening. There were heaps of congratulations on the net. 

Benigna himself was overwhelmed: "It’s indescribable. I am very happy. All candidates were good. It could have been anyone." The native German is allowed to represent the city of Nuremberg for two years – and one of the most important tasks is to open the world-famous Nuremberg Christmas Market.

But only a short time later Munsi’s joy was likely to have been dampened: A racist post caused a sensation on the Internet. The AfD district association Munich-Land posted the picture of the 17-year-olds on Facebook on Thursday and wrote about it, alluding to the extermination of the native Americans: "Nuremberg has a new Christ Child. One day we will be like the Indians." Munsi was born in Nuremberg, her father is Indian, her mother German. 

Contribution causes a lot of outrage on the net

But the AfD-Post apparently backfired: In a short time, more than 1,600 Internet users defended the young woman and stood behind her. "Thanks to #NoAfD, the Nuremberg Christkind probably has more fans than ever this year," For example, one user wrote on Twitter. "Thank you Nuremberg for this sign! This is how I imagine the spirit of the Christmas season!", posted the Greens member of the Bundestag Ekin Deligöz.

\ n" , ‘Twitter’); }) (); / ** /

In the meantime, the AfD has deleted the post without comment. The AfD district chairwoman in Munich-Land, Christina Specht, said that the post did not correspond to the values ​​of the AfD and was posted by an editor of the district association. This has since resigned.

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"I definitely do not share such content. I would like to apologize to Ms. Munsi on behalf of the district association. We think that she will be a very good Christ Child for Nuremberg", so woodpecker. As a consequence of the posting, the four-eyes principle now applies in the district association to comments in social networks on the Internet, said Specht.

Sources used: news agency: New Nuremberg Christkind: Congratulations and hatredOwn researchOther sources

TV broker Alexander Posth is back under the hood: On Saturday he got married through the docu-soap "rent buy live" famous 36-year-old his fiancée Angelina. Days before, the groom had repeatedly posted photos of the preparations on Facebook and announced how excited he was.

On a video that the wedding guest and ex"Germany’s Next Topmodel"-Juror Rolf Scheider uploaded it to his Instagram page, but deleted it a little later, you can see the happy couple who are just leaving the church and kissing passionately.

Classic wedding attire

The beautiful Angelina wears a rather simple, white wedding dress, has a veil in her hair and a tied wedding bouquet of white and pink roses. Posth himself wears a gray suit with a vest and a black tie.

Photo show: These celebrities got married in 2014 "Don’t plan on getting married in a classic way": TV broker Alexander Posth wants to say ” Yes ​​” again "rent buy live": Popular Vox documentary celebrates its anniversary "rent buy live": New episodes with deceased TV broker ” Sommermädchen ” Anastasia is a happy mother

In love with the woman’s friend

It wasn’t until May 2012 that Posth had with his ex-wife Anastasia – known from the ProSieben show "Summer girl" – have a son.